Could your organization's training programs use an effectiveness review?

Are you using any "non-training" solutions to your benefit? These can extend your L&D dollars.

Is the business keeping up with all the lessons learned that you already have spent resources to surface? Are they available to all appropriate company personnel?

Do you find your managers stretched during times of high employee turnover? Would it help to approve "the right stuff" for training one time then have the resulting company documents available for the line supervision's use?

Scenario development and facilitation has been used successfully for years in nuclear power plant operator development and requalification, but has recently surfaced in more mainstream conversations. Scenario planning can be a potent addition to your training. One example is running a "complex transaction" scenario with all relevant company roles included. The focus may be to optimize processes. Another example goal could be to give new people the realistic experience ahead of actually engaging with customer. Allows for common issues to be encountered and addressed to build confidence ahead of actual customer/client contact.

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